Production Management

At Production Box, we offer end-to-end technical production services for touring, television, festivals, and special events.

Our focus is on handling the details, allowing you to concentrate on crafting exceptional experiences.

Whether assisting your team or providing complete solutions, trust us to deliver seamless productions.




Meticulous financial planning to stay on track

Design Consultation

Precise technical design and vetted suppliers.


Renders & Designs

Visualising immersive experiences


Efficient timelines for seamless execution


Transparent financial processes for peace of mind


Production Management

Flawless technical execution

Artist Advancing

Facilitating artist requirements & schedules

Vendor Management

Coordinating a cohesive supply chain

Transport & Logistics

Managing logistics for a successful event

At Production Box, we turn visions into reality, ensuring your events leave a lasting impact. Let us bring your unique vision to life with expertise.

Site Management

At Production Box, we go beyond the stage to ensure that your event site is as exceptional as the production itself.

Whether it’s a greenfield event site, stadium, arena, or an unconventional space, we specialise in turning your conceptual vision into a tangible reality.

Our team provides practical solutions to navigate the complexities, allowing your event to come to life effortlessly.



Site Design

Crafting the perfect environment for your event


Efficient timelines for seamless on-site execution


Sourcing and managing materials for your events success


Meticulous financial planning to keep your project on course

Venue & Local Authority Liaison

Navigating regulations and ensuring compliance

On SIte

Site Delivery

From concept to reality, we manage every on-site detail

Supplier Management & Compliance

Coordinating with suppliers to a cohesive operation


Ensuring all credentials are in order form a smooth event

Site Handover

Seamlessly transitioning from setup to the main event



Thoroughly reviewing all aspects to ensure accuracy


Reflecting on the event, gathering insights for continuous improvement

At Production Box, our commitment extends to every element of your event. Let us handle the intricacies, so you can focus on creating experiences that resonate long after the event concludes.

Project Management

At Production Box, our dedication extends beyond the spotlight, providing comprehensive support for the seamless execution of your projects.

We specialise in planning, scheduling for all stakeholders, and overseeing the overall execution. We are committed to ensuring success within defined timelines, budgets, and project scopes with great attention to detail which has been honed through years of experience.

This is why we have been trusted to deliver successful events for years.

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